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The school is shocked and deeply saddened by Monday’s bomb attack in Manchester. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. We also pray and thank those in the emergency services who have worked tirelessly following this tragic event.


School have received a statement from the Bishop of Manchester, David Walker, and we are sharing this with our school community:


Today is a day to mourn the dead, to pray with their families and with the injured, and to reaffirm our determination that those who murder and maim will never defeat us.

Like other great cities, Manchester is an obvious target for terrorists to choose. What makes this latest atrocity particularly dreadful is the deliberate choice of a concert known to attract very young fans. Many lives will be lived out, impacted by this tragedy for long years to come. Others have had decades of life ripped away from them.

There is a proper anger and rage in the face of events like this. Our challenge will be to direct that rage and anger to be a force for good. We will rally around the victims and their families. We will unite across our diversity, drawing close especially to any that the terrorists would seek to separate us from. And we will rebuild and repair the damage to our city, as we have done before.

Today is a day to mourn, and I would ask churches throughout Greater Manchester and beyond to make space and time for people who wish to come into their buildings and pray. But today is also a day to begin our response. A response that will crush terrorism not by violence but by the power of love. A love which Christians celebrate especially now in Eastertide.


We would like to add to this our reassurance that the school team will continue to ensure the safety of your children and security of our school building, and will remain vigilant at all times. We appreciate these terrible events are distressing for your children and the school community and we appreciate your support in keeping school life as normal as possible for the children.


A few parents have expressed concern about upcoming trips that have been organised for some of the classes. We will review the risks associated with these trips nearer the time and take advice from other services and professionals to assess whether the trips will still take place. Parent views will also be sought when making any decision about this.


The following website addresses some of the concerns your child may have regarding recent events and may be useful to use if you wish to have a conversation with your child.


As always thank your continued support


Mrs H.Woodward

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