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The staff in the Nursery Class at St. Martins school would like to welcome the children, their parents and families back to school after the Easter holidays.   This half term we will be looking at different Fairy Tales.   We will be encouraging the children to look at, recognise the parts of books and handle books correctly. 


Our PE lessons are Tuesday mornings.  Our PE kit is green short, white tee shirt and black pumps.  Can I remind you that jewellery especially earrings cannot be worn in school and staff are not allowed to take earrings out.


Outdoor learning is part of our curriculum so your child needs to come to school dressed for the weather as we do go out every day no matter what the weather!!!!


If you have any questions or require further informtion regarding your child please see a member of staff at the end of the day.


Thank you from Mrs. Tweedie, Mrs.Wiltshire and Miss Benson.






Nursery class and staff would like to thank the parents and carers for attending their Gingerbread Man Event today.  The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Can we once again thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you at our future events.


Mrs. Tweedie, Mrs. Minnock, Mrs. O'Grady, Mrs. Doughty, Mrs. Woodward, Miss Benson and Miss Tomlinson








Reading Books

Dear Parents,


Your child has now started to bring home their reading books for you to look at with them. In all their books you will see that there are no words on the pages just pictures of the story.  It is important for your child to be able to communicate with you or whoever is looking at the book with them, what are in the pictures.  By talking about the pictures your child will develop in their language and vocabulary.  The reading books will only be change once a week.  On your child's reading pack it states the day in which to bring the reading pack back.  A member of the Nursery team will change your child's book after looking at the book with your child and they will be given a new book to bring home the following day.


Yellow Group - Monday

Green Group - Tuesday

Red Group - Wednesday

Blue Group - Thursday


Thank you for your co-operation


Mrs. J. Tweedie



Dear Parents,


In Nursery class we have been learning the names of the letters of the alphabet along with the sounds that they make.  Our focus this half term is to make words with a specific group of letters. The letters are; s, a, t, p, i and n these are the first phonic sounds that the children learn.  Could you please help your child to learn the letter names, sounds and words in their envelope?  Each week your child will bring home a new set of words.

Thank you Mrs. Tweedie, Mrs. Wiltshire and Miss Benson.



The Nursery and Reception classes worked together to take part in a sponsored wheel event.  The children went outside in groups and cycled five times around the black pitch.  Mrs Doran kindly organised this event and collected the sponsor money. Everyone was so generous and we have been able to replace toys in our Nursery and Reception classes.  the money was equally divided between both classes and toys were bought that we specific to the enviroment for the children.  We will added more pictures when further items are purchased.






Thank you for your support from all the Early Year staff.





We would like to thank everyone who attended the Macmillian Coffee morning that Nursery and Reception classes held this year.  Your donations have helped us raise over £208.00 for the Macmillian charity.  Below are some of the photographs taken on the day.  The children all enjoyed making the cakes and being part of the event.


Once again thank you from the staff and children in the Nursery and Reception classes.