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Year 2

Autumn half term 1


World War 2 - Dig for Victory


Our second topic so far this year has been all about the second world war. We have looked at what life was like for children and families who lived in Britain during the war, and the journey children went on when they were evacuated to the countryside. It must have been a very difficult time for everybody. To help with our learning we held a World War 2 day, which was fantastic and lots of fun! We had to make our own identity cards, which were checked every time we came back into the classroom, and a ration book, which had to be stamped before he had anything to eat! It was fascinating to see lots of artefacts from the 1940s, some children we even able to try on some clothes that would have been worn at that time.





Autumn half term 1


Potions, mixtures and inventors


We have had a fantastic start to the new school year! The last few weeks have been very exciting in the year 2 classroom. We've had lots of special visitors, such as the BFG and Willie Wonka even sent some of his Oompah Loompas to deliver some special sweets to school. We have been inventors for the last few weeks and created lots of new inventions. We designed and made our own chocolate bars for Willie Wonka to make, and we had a go at designing a special dream for one our friends. It was lots of fun! We have also learnt about 2 very famous and important inventors, The Wright brothers, who invented the very first aeroplane. It was fascinating to see how much aeroplanes have changed compared to ones we have now.