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Year 4

Our Normans Day


On the first day back after our holidays, we were very lucky to have some visitors to school to teach us all about the Normans. It was a brilliant day, everybody thoroughly enjoyed it and we learnt a lot about our new topic. We did lots of drama and we learnt about a few different things:

  • What Normans typically wore
  • When in history the Normans lived
  • The four claimants who wanted to be King when King Edward died
  • Different types of Castles that the Normans built



We have had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day today, thank to you children and parents for spending time and effort on costumes. The children looked fantastic!


We asked the children to bring in their favourite book from home, to share with the class, and it was lovely to see what everyone had chosen. We read together and shared the books, and lots of us now have new books we want to try and finish!

Week 6

This half term we have done some fantastic learning all about the Romans. We have looked at how the Romans invaded different countries and what daily family life was like.Today, we looked at some of the main Roman gods and goddesses and enjoyed finding out different facts about them. Here are the 12 we focused on:


    - Saturn = God of time

    - Jupiter = King of the Gods

    - Juno = Queen of the Gods

    - Neptune = God of the Sea

    - Pluto = God of the Underworld

    - Minerva = Goddess of Wisdom

    - Mars = God of War

    - Venus = Goddess of Love

    - Mercury = Messenger to the Gods

    - Apollo = God of the Sun

    - Diana = Goddess of the Moon

    - Cupid = God of Love



Image result for times table rockstars


This week we have had our first challenge on Timestable rockstars! Practicing at home will help you move up the rockstar status chart - next week we will be looking at x4. How many coins can you earn this weekend?

Language of the week  - Latin


Can you find out how to say the following phrases in Latin?

  • Hello
  • Good morning
  • Good afternoon

Week 2


This week have started to look at the life of a Roman slave, exploring some of the jobs they would have done (cleaning out toilets and collecting sick - yuck!!). On Thursday, we had a fantastic lesson where we had some 'slaves' who came to visit us. Icarus, Alyssiona, Julius and Herculena came to class and we were able to ask them questions to help us with our learning - it was lots of fun!



January 2017


A warm welcome back to everybody, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year and ready to face the new term. This week, we have settled straight back into our work, and have learnt lots already in our lessons.


Our new topics for this half term are:


            - The Romans (topic)

            - Solids, liquids and gases (science)

            - Roman life including the lives of Roman slaves (literacy)


Here are some websites you might find useful:




Class advent calendar 


We have started to look at how different countries celebrate Christmas, a new country each day. Can you work out what countries these flags belong to?


Language of the week  - German


Can you find out how to say the following phrases in German?

  • Hello
  • Good morning
  • Good afternoon

Week 6

Thank you to all family and friends who came to our music assembly this week, your support is greatly appreciated! The children have worked incredibly hard this term and have enjoyed learning how to play their instruments. We can't wait to see what new notes and songs we will be learning next term.

In our R.E. lessons over the last few weeks, we have been learning about the Jewish festival of light - Hannukkah. We made our own dreidels and greatly enjoyed playing the game!



Week 3

This week has been Anti-bullying week and we have spent some time looking at this year's theme of using your power for good. We thought about the words that we use and how they can have a negative impact or a positive impact on the people around us. Miss Sadowski showed us an inspirational video by Kid President of '20 things we should say more often', and we each decided on one phrase that we can use to be more positive.




We've also enjoyed celebrating Children in Need this week. It has been great to see the children dressed in their spots to help fundraise for a great cause. Thank you to parents for helping the children to look so colourful!



Autumn 2 half term


This half term we have some exciting topics that we will be learning about, including:

- Electricity (Science)

- Life and entertainment 100 years ago (Topic)

- Writing our own Horrid Henry stories (Literacy)


Week 1 and 2

This half term our topic is looking at what life was like 100 years ago, and what we would have done for fun and entertainment. We looked at what toys children would have played with in 1916, and compared them with toys that we have today. One game that looked particularly interesting was Blow Football and we had great fun trying it out in class!


In our computing lessons we have been looking at animation, where it began and the different forms that we use today. This week we made our own animations using Pivot Animator.

Autumn 1 half term


We have had a very exciting first half term! We had some special visitors who came in to year 4 to help us with our science and topic learning. Dr Suelittle came to visit with her rainforest animals, including snakes, sugar gliders, a Goliath bird eating spider, an iguana and our favourite, Marvin the Pygmy Hedgehog! It helped us to learn the difference between vertebrate and invertebrate animals, and to see which animals live in a tropical climate. We hope we can see them again soon!




6th September


A warm welcome to year 4! We have had a great start to the new year so far, getting settled into our new class and new lessons. Our P.E. lessons this year are on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Make sure you have your P.E. kit in school so you can don't miss out.


This half term we have some exciting topics that we will be learning about, including:


         - Rainforests

         - Living things and habitats

         - Roald Dahl


This week we will be doing some research on Roald Dahl and the amazing stories he has written, particularly the BFG. What interesting facts can find to share with the class?