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10th September

Good morning everyone I hope you had a good day yesterday. Today we will be carrying on with our Maths and English work as well as exploring what it means to be Jewish in our Religion topic this term. 



Today we are looking at the organisation of work using 100s, 10s and 1s. You will need to use the pages from the book to help you understand today's lesson and then complete the practice pages ready for marking when you come back to school.


Today again you will need some counters or other objects as explained yesterday to represent 100s, 10s and 1s as this will make it easier for you to understand the lesson.



Today we are going to be describing a setting for the story. Look at the picture to begin and then think about what you can see first of all. Remember you will be using all your senses so see, hear, feel, touch and smell.

You might begin by thinking about what people are doing in the picture, what the weather might be like and how you are feeling.

Think about these things:

  • What is the sky like? Is is blue? Grey? Cloudy? Are the clouds fluffy and white or dark and thunderous? Or are they grey and dull? Is it windy or raining?
  • What are people doing? Are they busy? Noisy? Quiet? Friendly? Do they try to speak to you? Do they ask you to do something?
  • What about the smells of the camp? Does it smell damp? Smoky? Can you smell the fish drying near the camp fire?
  • What about how you feel? Are you happy? Scared? Worried? Curious? Cold? Warm?
  • What about things you might touch? The clothing the people are wearing? The tents? The ground?

You might want to start your sentences like this:

I wandered around the camp in the cold morning light. It was drizzling with rain and I soon felt quite cold and damp until I was invited to sit near the camp fire. I noticed the fish frying in the fragrant smoke rising from the fire and wondered if they were for breakfast as I was beginning to feel quite hungry.


Please remember full stops, capital letters and neatest handwriting and I look forward to reading your descriptions when we are back in school.



In Year 3 we begin learning Spanish as part of our languages curriculum. Today you will learn how to greet people in Spanish and some of you may already know a little bit because "Hola" is quite well known and simply means hello.


Have a go at some of the greetings on the sheet in your pack - I'll also add it here- and if you're struggling try Google Translate for the pronunciation.