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11th September

Good morning everyone.


Today we will continue with our Maths and English learning as well as dipping into our Spanish topic of greetings which could be useful if anyone is thinking of going to Spain next year.



Lesson 4 this week is continuing from yesterday  looking at numbers and how we can organise them to make counting easier. We're still focusing on 100s, 10s and 1s and this will part of your independent learning. Again you might need some objects to help you complete the tasks.




Today we are going to think about how the main character of the Stone Age Boy is feeling during his time meeting Om and being in the Stone Age. You’ll need to think carefully about how things will be very different than he will be used to, so for example there would be no roads, towns, shops, electricity, planes in the sky or cars – everything would sound different, a bit like it did in lockdown when there were no planes and very few cars or people about so it was rather quiet.


You might like to begin like this:

It was very strange at first after meeting Om. She was completely different to any other person I’d ever met and she spoke a language I’d never heard before. I could tell she was kind and we understood each other through hand signals and gestures.


Have a go at writing a few sentences of your own describing how you might feel if you were the main character in the story.


Religious Education (RE)


Over the next few weeks we will be exploring what it means to be Jewish and looking at some aspects of Judaism. To start us off I thought it would be nice to see one young boy's ideas of what it means to him to be Jewish and how is affects his life.

Watch the BBC video clip and think about Judaism and what it means.


Where Was Judaism Founded? Did you know that Judaism was founded in Israel? Who Founded Judaism? Using the Lesson Presentation, explore how Judaism was founded by reading the story together and discussing the questions on the Lesson Presentation.