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8th September

Good morning Year 3, I hope you've received your home learning packs and are eager to begin a new school year. Don't forget I will be expecting these packs back for marking by no later than 21st September. Remember if you have any questions you can email me directly and I'll do my best to help.
Maths this week is all about place value and numbers to 100. Hopefully you should have a copy of each day's learning in your pack along with the practice pages. If you have counters they will help. Please complete the pages given and, if you're feeling brave, the challenge at the end.



This week we are beginning to look at the book The Stone Age Boy and today I'd like you to look at the pictures and try to predict what you think the story is about and who the main characters are. You could think of where they come from, what their names are and if they are friends. Also think about what you can see in the picture, are the characters usual or can you spot something a bit different about them.


Use the word and phrase bank to help you write a few sentences saying what you think the story is about.



Our History topic is looking at Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Since I have been teaching this topic I have found that children do like this topic especially the Stone Age which involves learning about hunting and a nomadic lifestyle. You'll learn about how people would communicate and how they got their food; where they lived and how they lived. You'll also learn about the changes that happened in this period of time which lead to a complete change in the way people lived and worked; how they fed and clothed themselves and how they protected themselves and their land. It's all very interesting. 


To start with we need to learn where we are in time in the Stone Age compared to where we are now along with some important dates you will learn about later in school.


The first task is to look at the timeline in your pack and see if you can put it into the correct order but remember anything BC as the numbers get bigger the further away they are from now so be careful.