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9th September

Good morning Year 3 I hope you had a good day learning yesterday and are ready for today. Remember if you have any questions about your learning please ask an adult to email me and I'll do my very best to help.





Today we are still exploring place value but today we are looking at different ways of representing or showing what a number looks like and what it is made up of. Please look in your pack for lesson 2 which will explain what you need to do and what the different ways look like. So yesterday we were counting in 100s and today we are looking at representing numbers to 1000. If this number looks too big for you then think about trying out the different ways in 100s first because that might help. You'll need counters or other objects to represent 100s, 10s and 1s, for example a larger object, say a book could mean 100, then something smaller like a pen could mean 10s then something smaller again could be 1s, like a rubber. You could even use money for example a pound coin could be 100s, a ten pence 10s and a 1 pence 1s. Have a try and enjoy!




We are carrying on with our fiction text The Stone Age Boy but today we will be thinking about retelling part of the story using pictures from the text to help. You can either cut out the pictures and stick them on paper or you can number them in order, after that either way you will need to write a sentence about each picture, remembering capital letters, full stops and neatest handwriting.



Our Science topic this half term is all about humans and animals and includes things like nutrition, growing, skeletons and muscles.

This first lesson looks at nutrition and you'll need to complete a couple of work sheets to go with a Power Point that explains about nutrition and how food helps us to growth and be healthy.


You'll need to complete 2 worksheets but be careful the one entitled “What do Nutrients do for us?” You only need to choose the one you think you can do, so one star is easiest and three stars is the harder one.