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Code of Conduct

At St. Martin's we aim to encourage high standards of work, behaviour, courtesy, consideration and respect for others. We have a classroom code which all staff promote:

We listen carefully and follow instructions.

We treat other people how we would like to be treated.

We work quietly without disturbing our classmates.

We always tell the truth.

We always do our best.

We have systems to reward positive behaviour and outstanding work.
These include certificates for Pupil of the Week, merit points and merit badges.
Pupils are also put into House Groups with good behaviour earning House Points.

Some pupils set such a good example that they are made "Always" pupils. These are pupils who always do the right thing and they are given special rewards.

At St Martin's we always try to take a positive attitude when solving problems. However, there are times when sanctions have to be imposed for inappropriate behaviour.
If we need to take action regarding inappropriate behaviour, we may need to contact you. We always appreciate your support in these matters.