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Friday 3rd April


Please remember to read regularly while you at home to keep up the great progress you made when you were in school! You have your home reading books and lots of books waiting for you to read on Bug Club smiley



This week's spelling pattern to practise is the sound /ee/ spelt with 'ey'

  • key
  • donkey
  • monkey
  • chimney
  • valley
  • trolley
  • turkey
  • hockey
  • parsley
  • journey


Practise writing them in your work book, focusing on your handwriting. Make sure all your letters are sat on the line, your tall letters are much taller than all your other letters and your descenders sit below the line.


Once you have practised writing them, have a go at creating a word search using some of these words. Start by drawing a blank grid, fill in the words you want to use and then fill the remaining spaces with other random letters. Can someone else in your family find them all? If you take a picture of them, I will put them up on the class page for others to see if they can find all of the words.





Continue with this week's learning all about fractions on

Today's task is looking at the equivalence of a half and two quarters.

Here are the worksheet and answers if you want them.



To practise all of your learning about fractions, there are 2 new maths games on Bug Club all for you to play.



Wider curriculum (music)

Lots of the songs we sing at school (particularly at Harvest, Christmas and Easter) come from Out of the Ark. They are posting new songs for you to learn each day, with lots of different themes.


Choose one of the songs that you like the most and have a go at learning it. Can you put actions to it? Can you perform it for your family? I'd love to see which songs you choose, so if your adult will allow it, video you singing your song and send it to our class email smiley