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Friday 27th March 2020


Physical Education

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Look at this picture taken from the book Katie in Scotland by James Mayhew.



Talk to your family about the picture and what you can see in it.  Ask your mummy or daddy to say some sentences about the picture. You can repeat each sentence and count the words before writing each sentence down correctly.

This is an example sentence.


Katie went to Scotland with her brother Jack.  




Secret Number Game

Write the numbers 0 to 20 on a sheet of paper. Ask your child secretly to choose a number on the paper. Then ask them some questions to find out what the number is, e.g. Is it less than 10? Is it between 10 and 20? Does it have a 5 in it? Is it odd? They may only answer yes or no. Once you have guessed the number, it is your turn to choose a number. Your child asks the questions.


Easier: use numbers to 10.

Extend: numbers up to 50 and 100.




Using the leaves that you found in yesterday’s activity make some pictures of different animals.  Remember think about the shapes and the colours.





Next Week



Have a good weekend and come back next week for some Easter fun actitivies.