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Good morning everyone and I hope you've had a good week. This is (hopefully) our last online learning session and I think it will be great to get back into school on Monday and get back to normal lessons - see you next week.



We are comparing numbers to 1000 again today so remember you need to check the 100s first, then 10s and then 1s last to make sure you order numbers correctly.


Share the text book questions with an adult and then complete the practice questions but remember the crocodile > will only eat the larger numbers because he's greedy!



You are going to read the last few pages of the Stone Age Boy and continue to write as if you are the boy in the story. Remember you will need to use first person pronouns, for example, I, me, we, my and so on.


You could begin like this:


I woke up feeling strange. I felt warmer than I had in quite a while and I noticed that Om was no longer with me. I walked cautiously out of the cave and looked around. The first thing I noticed, apart from the warmth was the noise, all around there were noises of planes and cars, people and voices. I quickly realised I was back in my own time.....



This is the first lesson in our music this term and its focus is on the song,  Let your spirit fly. We will be looking at pulse, rhythm and learning the song but unfortunately I can't get the original song so I've found a recording of some children from another school singing along. 


Listen to the song and try to join in where you can.