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Resources: Box, objects you can sound out e.g. sheep (sh-ee-p), cat (c-a-t), fork (f-or-k)


Activity: What’s in the box? Put items in the box. Say to your child ‘Inside the box is a sh-ee-p’ - using sound talk, rather than saying the word. Can your child pull out the correct item? Repeat with other items.

Literacy/Communication and Language


Can you build a den with a grown up. What resources do you need? Can you make some labels and signs for your den?



Create some number cards from 0-5 like those below. Can you order them from 0-5. Can you find the right number of objects to match each number card?

Physical Development


Can you join in with the actions to the Just Dance video?

Just Dance Kids 2014 A Pirate You Shall Be