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Good morning everyone.


I hope you've had a good week and it has been lovely to see some of you on the meetings. I will be organising a new link for next week so make sure you ask your parents to look at their parentmail because that's where it will be.


Today we are finishing off our picture story in English and learning our 4 times tables in maths. 


Today we are learning the 4 times tables. It might help to group things together like pens, crayons, counters or lego bricks.


Please finish your story map today in pictures and symbols. If you have finished then check your spelling and capital letters.

To help you with ideas for the pictures have a look at the ones we did in class, it will help if you read the story at the same time as looking at or pictures.



Today you will learn some of the main colours we are looking at. Please use the link to help with the pronunciation of the words then complete the worksheet in your pack.