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Happy Friday year 2!


Here are your learning activities for today smiley



We are carrying on from yesterday with our winter poetry. 

Read through the wintery 'I am' poem 


I am...

High twirling,

Sky swirling,

Smile lifting,

Gently drifting,

White glittering,

Softly skittering,

Slow falling,

Ground sprawling,

Coat clinging,

Cheek stinging,

Boot crunching,

Hand scrunching,

Land quilting,

Soon melting...


I am snow.


This poem uses lots of different verbs to describe things that happen in winter. Verbs are action or doing words.


Can you find and list all of the verbs in this poem? What do you notice about how all of these verbs end?


Choose 4 (or more if you like!) verbs from this poem and write your own wintery sentences.




Greenleaf Village holds a snowman competition every year. Children from the village build a snowman and then they are all judged by the mayor. The child who wins the competition, wins a year’s supply of chocolate! It is a highly competitive situation. However, this year, a crime has been committed! On the day of judging, one of the snowmen has had his carrot nose stolen.


As the detective chief inspector, it is your job to work out who the thief is. Your officers have taken down the names and descriptions of the children who took part. Your task is to solve the clues and work out who has stolen the carrot.

You will have to use your maths skills to help you solve the clues. You may need an adults help to find answer to x and ÷ questions as this isn't something we have quite learnt about yet in year 2.


Once you have figured out who the thief is let me know! I would love to know!

Wider curriculum


Our topic this half term is Under the sea.  


Task 1

I would like to know what you already know about things that live under the sea, before we start any new learning.


  • What creatures do you know that live under the sea?
  • What do you know about oceans and seas?


Write down 5 questions for things that you would like to find out about to do with 'under the sea'.

For example,   How many different types of fish live under the sea? Which is the largest ocean? What is the largest living creature that lives under the sea?


Please email me your ideas and questions, and then each week we will pick some of the questions to research the answers to both in class and at home smiley


Task 2

Can you create an A-Z list of things you would find under the sea. For example...


A - angel fish

B - blue whale

C - ....

D -....


and keep going through the alphabet until you get to z.