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Friday Challenge!

For this Friday Challenge, I would like you to get outside into your garden. If you don't have access to a garden, you could use your daily exercise time to complete this task but remember all of the safe social distancing rules.


Today, we are having a scavenger hunt. I will share the winner of the hunt on the website to celebrate their achievement!


I would like you to find:

  1. Something rough
  2. Something smooth
  3. An ant
  4. A piece of bark
  5. Something long
  6. Something short
  7. Two leaves the same size
  8. Something yellow
  9. A black stone
  10. Something beautiful


Bonus challenge:

  • Collect 20 leaves or petals (without picking them)
  • Put them in order from shortest to longest
  • Make a repeating pattern with them
  • How many different sized groups can you make with them?
  • Lay them end to end. Can you find something the same length?


Share your learning on Tapestry and the child or children who complete the challenge will be celebrated on the website!


Happy Hunting!