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WALT: write thousandths as decimals 


Before completing the questions, please watch Week 1, lesson 5.

Numeracy questions and answers



Can you answer the following questions in your Literacy book? You may need to copy the question down too as it will help when we get to writing our stories. 


  1.  How does your character find the secret door?
  2.  How does your character feel when they discover the door?
  3.  What happens when your characters opens the door and enters the secret garden?
  4.  Describe the secret garden (What is there? What is the weather like? Is it beautiful? Is it spooky and eerie?)
  5. What happens in the secret garden?
  6.  How does your character leave?

Topic - Ancient Egyptians - Research project. 


Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be researching interesting facts about the Ancient Egyptians. 

Today, I want you to spend some time researching the Ancient Egyptians and jot down any interesting facts you discover :).