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Friday 17th April



Practice writing some of our year 2 key spelling words in your workbook, focussing on your handwriting.


This week's spellings are the /o/ sound spelt with 'a' after w and qu.


- want

- watch

- wander

- quantity

- squash

- quality

- squabble

- squad

- quad

- quarrel


Make sure your letters are all the same size, tall letters touch the top line and descenders go under the line.


Now you have practised spelling the words, here is a puzzle for you to solve - crack the code! The answers are on the last page.



Today's learning will be looking at comparing lengths - Summer Term week 1 lesson 5 


Remember to use < > and = carefully.

Wider curriculum (STEM)


I hope you enjoyed making your parachutes yesterday! Today's learning follows on from making your parachute for Jack. You can choose your own activity depending on what you think you might enjoy the most. Record your learning in your workbook, and if possible send a photo so we can see your fantastic learning!


You could

  • Try making more parachutes out of various materials. Try different shapes and sizes and test them. Which material is the best?
  •  Create parachutes that are a variety of different 2D shapes (circle, triangle, square, octagon etc). Carry out a test to work out which shape is the best.
  •  Write and record a short video advert convincing others to buy your parachute.
  •  Write and draw a comic strip to show what happens when the giant sees Jack escaping with the parachute.
  •  Design a travel leaflet for adventurers who want to parachute from the beanstalk.
  •  Rewrite a version of Jack and the Beanstalk that includes your parachute as part of the story.
  •  Draw a design for your parachute to make it look as eye-catching and appealing as possible. You could label the different features you have included.