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Fine Motor

You will need: paper, child friendly scissors


Grown ups: can you draw some patterns on strips of paper?

Children: can you cut as close to they lines as you can?


Please let me know if your need some child friendly scissors. We have a limited number that can be collected from school.


Have a go at writing your name. Don't forget your capital letter.


Challenge: Can you do it with paint?


Today we will review the sounds we have learned this week.


Can you make your own playdough? Make sure you measure all the ingredients carefully.


*This recipe still works if you don't have cream of tartar.*

If you are adding food colouring, add it to the hot water for a more even colour.


Understanding the World

How do humans react differently to hot and cold?

Virtual Snack Time

Grab a healthy snack and join your class for virtual snack time. Can you tell us what your favourite thing you have learned this week is?


Virtual snack in at 2.10pm and a link has been sent via parentmail.

Story Time

The Three Little Superpigs