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Virtual Assembly

Join us at 9.15am for our weekly virtual celebration assembly. Find out who is our home and class learner of the week. The link is the same each week and has been sent on Parentmail.
Fancy Dress Friday Live Session Join us for our live session today at 11.00am. Every Friday, you can wear a fancy dress costume of your choice and share it with your friends. The link will be sent on Parentmail.

Today we are getting active while we listen for syllables again.


Click here to join Miss Fabian for today's phonics learning.


Afterwards, I wonder how many other ways you can think of moving to show the syllables in words? You could find some objects around your house and have a go at using different ways to show the number of syllables through movement.

Motor Skills

Today we are going to the Dough Disco!


From your resource pack, you will need:


Click here for today's Dough Disco!


Today we are continuing our learning in the phase Just Like Me. Today we are looking at the size of animals and finding the right size box for them.


Click here for today's maths learning.


Today for our communication and language learning, we are playing another memory game. You may be familiar with this game, it's called Kim's Game.


Click here to play Kim's Game with Miss Fabian.


Afterwards, you can have a go at playing the game at home. Choose some objects from around your house put them on a table or the floor and cover them up with a blanket or towel. Ask a grown up to take away one object and remove the blanket or towel as they do. You may want to go with a themed group of objects like I did or you could just choose objects you like. If you found the 4 objects I did really simple start with fewer, if you found it easy start with more. You can always build up the number of objects you use.

Nursery Rhyme of the Day

Today's rhyme is Old MacDonald had a Farm. Perhaps you can find some animals around your house to help you sing this song. 


Click here for the song on YouTube.

Story Time Click here to join Miss Fabian for today's story time - The Gruffalo's Child