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Assembly You are invited to join the whole school for our celebration assembly at 9.15am. The link will be sent via Parentmail and we look forward to seeing you there.
Fancy Dress Friday Live Session

Join us for our live session today at 11.00am. Every Friday, you can wear a fancy dress costume of your choice and we will share it with all of your friends. The link will be sent on Parentmail.


You can also bring your "Junk Model Challenge" from yesterday's expressive arts and design learning.


Today I will be hosting a live phonics session for the children who are learning at home. This will take part at 11.30am. Please make sure your microphone is off and that you have the following objects ready as we will need them for a blending game:

  • brush
  • cup
  • ball
  • bear
  • toy

I will send the link on Parentmail in the morning.


If you would like to do a phonics listening game at home, click here for a listening game on Phonics Play. Access to phonics play is free currently with the username: jan21 and password: home

Motor Skills

Today we are going to the Dough Disco!


From your resource pack, you will need:

If your playdough has gone hard, you can always use one of your large pom poms instead.


Click here for today's dough disco.


Today we are continuing our learning in the phase "It's me 1, 2, 3" Today we are matching dot plates and dice!


Click here for today's learning.

Topic - RE

Today we are continuing our learning about friendship. At the end of today's session, you will be able to say what is special about one of your friends.


Have a look at the picture below. It is of Jesus and his disciples. Jesus' disciples were his friends.



Talk to your grown up about your friends and why they are special. Your friend might be someone in your family or someone at school, it might be someone else in the community. Try and use the sentence "________ is special because _________".


I would like you to draw around one of your hands - you might need a little help from a grown up to do this, once you have drawn around your hand write the sentence about why your friend is special on you hand. You can then decorate it. You can see my hand below:


You might want to decorate your hand. Bring your hand to Monday's snack time.

Story time Click here to join Miss Fabian for story time - What the Ladybird Heard Next