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Assembly Join us for our celebration assembly at 9.15am, the link will be sent to you on Parentmail.
Fancy Dress Friday  Join us for our live session at 11.00am. You can dress up in your favourite fancy dress costume and share it with your friends. The link will be sent on Parentmail.
Live Phonics Session

Today's live phonics session will take place at 11.30am, this session is just for the children who are learning at home and will really support their learning.


For today's session you will need:

  • knife
  • fork
  • plate
  • pen
  • spoon


If you would like to do some interactive phonics learning online, click here for Phonics Play and select one of the Phase 1 games.

Motor Skills

Today we are going to the Dough Disco!



Grab your playdough and click here for today's Dough Disco.


If you need more playdough, it is really easy to make at home, simply Google for plenty of playdough recipes.


Today we are continuing our learning in the phase "It's me, 1,2,3", today we are learning to record using tallies.


Click here for today's maths learning.

Topic - Valentines Day

On Sunday, it is Valentines Day. On Valentines Day, people give cards and gifts to others that they love. 


Today we are going to be making our own Valentines Day cards to give to someone we care about. Do some research into Valentines Day card designs or have a look at the ones I've made in school



I look forward to seeing your card designs so remember to share them on Tapestry.

Nursery Rhyme of the Day The Grand Old Duke of York - click here for today's nursery rhyme on YouTube.
Story Time Click here for today's story time with Miss Fabian - Zog