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WALT derive addition and subtraction facts


  • use known facts
  • understand place value


WALT produce a booklet on climate change in Antarctica


  • title
  • subheadings
  • facts
  • picture
  • diagram

Use the booklet template or design a booklet of your own. It can be produced on the computer and emailed to me or it can be handwritten.

I am looking for you to:

1 explain what global warming is,

2 how it is affecting the geography of Antarctica and

3 how it affects the animals that live there

4 how we can slow it down


Spelling Test


WALT develop hand eye co-ordination.


Pupils will need a ball (football size) or something of a similar size i.e. a pillow, teddy, toy etc. They will also need a tennis ball or something of similar size i.e. balled up socks.


Practise: Throw the larger ball in the air with 2 hands and catch with 2 hands. Do this several times attempting to increase the height each time.


Repeat with the tennis ball. Start by throwing with 1 hand and catching with 2 and progress to catching with 1.


Play: Using the larger ball/ piece of equipment pass the ball around the waste.  To make this more difficult start passing the ball in a figure 8 motion through the legs. And for maximum difficulty, see if you can keep the ball in the air whilst twisting and changing hands. See the attached video for a demonstration,


If you would like to carry on watching the clips on Macbeth, the link is below.