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Good morning everyone. As this is the last day before half term we are going to have some nice short lessons so you can have a good restful break for a week before we're back online again.

Today we are going to finish the maths unit on graphs and the last lesson in guided reading. Our RE lesson is all about where Christians worship and I've added a link on yesterday's page for you to explore. In music today you'll be working on 3 beats per bar and in Spanish you'll be playing some interactive games to continue learning the names of colours.


You are reading the information (data) in bar charts and working out some tricky questions- so read them carefully! You'll also be completing bar charts from information you have been given so remember to make sure you look at the scale at the side.



Today you are finding out about where Christians worship as well as how they worship and the different parts of a church service.

Here's the link from yesterday in case you missed it.



There are a few games on the link so have a go and see what colour names you can remember.