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Good morning everyone and welcome to the final (hopefully) day of home learning! Next week we will be looking at a book about rain and rainbows and will be doing some work around that theme and so I thought it would be nice to start us off if you at home made, painted or coloured rainbows for a display in the class room. It doesn't matter how you decide to represent your rainbow as long as I can put it on the wall somehow.


As for today I thought it would be nice to have some lessons that are a little bit more practical than written so have fun and get ready for a week of new learning next week.



Remember to go on TTRockstars as we were winning yesterday so well done to all those of you who have been very busy on that.

Today I thought you could use your maths skills in time, weighing and capacity to make some lovely, healthy biscuits.



The game I'd like you to complete is below and you can either take the story route (which is harder) or the challenge route. You can choose your focus on either spelling, punctuation, grammar or a mix of them all so enjoy.


This game get progressively harder but is actually quite easy as long as you know your colour names in Spanish.