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I know we have lots of Julia Donaldson fans in our class, if you have some of her books at home (and even if you don't many can be found on YouTube or BBC iPlayer), Scholastic have put together some home learning packs for some of her most loved stories. You can download them by clicking here. You will need to sign up but they are free, once you've signed up simply select the packs that are for ages 3-5 and you're good to go!


Pyjamarama from BookTrust

Today the BookTrust is hosting Pyjamarama, an online festival of story-filled fun. Click here for more information and see below for the line up.


Friday Challenge

This week for your Friday challenge I would like you to create a "Bug Hotel". This is a specially built area in your garden which will encourage wildlife. Your bug hotel can be as large or small as you would like and it can use resources that you have lying around such as:

  • old bricks
  • bits of wood
  • plant pots
  • moss
  • old roof tiles
  • wood chips
  • pine cones
  • plastic bottles
  • toilet roll tubes
  • bamboo canes to name just a few!


Here are some pictures of bug hotels for inspiration:


As you can see, your bug hotel can be made from whatever you can find and made to fit any space.


You might find these pages useful to help you build the perfect space for wildlife:


Once you've built your bug hotel, as always share it on Tapestry!


Remember it will take a while for wildlife to fill your bug hotel but it will be worth the wait. Keep an eye on it and let us know what residents you get.

If a bug hotel is too much of a challenge for you, you could try making some bird feeders out of old bottles.