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Practice writing some of our spelling words for year 2 in your book focusing on your handwriting. This week’s spellings are the sound /zh/ spelt 's'.


  • television
  • treasure
  • usual
  • division
  • vision
  • pleasure
  • measure
  • occasion
  • usually
  • leisure



Your maths task today is to log in to Bug Club and Emile and complete some of the maths games that are on your account. These will practice some of the key skills for year 2.


Also log into Times Table Rockstars and practise your x2, x5 and x10 tables. Can you challenge one of your friends to a battle?

Wider curriculum (History)

Today is the 75th anniversary of VE day and all around the country people will be celebrating in their own way! Today is the day where you can put up any decorations you have made, make any of the party food you have planned and sing and dance along to some of the wartime songs from the 1940s that you have learnt.



If you want to carry on with any of the activities, here is the list that you have been choosing from the last few days.


  • Create an invitation for the celebrations - can you design a poster with a red, white and blue theme?
  • Look at what children would have worn for celebrations in the 1940s, can you plan your party outfit for Friday?
  • Research some wartime songs that they would have sung at that time. Learn some ready to sing on Friday.

  • Research some wartime dances such as the Lindy hop and have a go at learning one. 

            Bitesize Dance party in the 1940s

  • Research ration recipes you could make. Make a menu card for party food you could make and eat on Friday.
  • Make some party food using rationing recipes.

  • Listen to Winston Churchill’s speech to the country that he gave on VE day. How would it have felt to listen to that speech live? Who is Winston Churchill and why is he famous? Create a short fact file about him.

  • Make some bunting to decorate your house or garden. Here are some links about using things at home to make bunting.

            BBC Great British Bunting

  • Create a VE day medal using different materials you have around the house.
  • Make some British party food to share with your family.

           Street party recipes

  • If you like drawing, have a go at designing, and perhaps even making, your own VE day medal, like these: