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Friday Challenge!

Today is VE Day, a day where we celebrate the end of World War 2. This year the celebration is extra special as it is 75 since the end of the war. 


You can find out a little more about VE Day including why and how we celebrate here:

As part of the celebration, people hang flags and bunting from their homes. Usually people have street parties but at the moment we can't do this, so people may be having picnics in their gardens instead.


For your Friday challenge this week, I would like you to make a flag or some bunting and celebrate VE Day with your family. Here is the Union Flag, the flag of the UK which is where we live.



You could include this in your bunting if you like. It is nice to use the colours from the flag to represent our country. I would love to hear how you are celebrating VE Day with your family so please share your photos and videos on Tapestry. 


If you know someone who was alive in the war, ask them some questions (maintaining social distancing rules) about what they remember from wartime and what their experience was. Do they remember VE Day celebrations? 


Enjoy your celebrations!



This week I have an extra little challenge for you, I would like you to record a video for me telling me how you are and what you have been doing during lockdown. Share your video on Tapestry and I will do a video in response!