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Friday Challenge


This week, Miss Allen read you the story "Stanley's Stick", can you think of another story that we have read about a stick?


One of my favourites is Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. If you have this book at home, I would love you to share it with an someone at home. If not, you can watch it by clicking here.


For your Friday challenge this week, I would like you to make your own Stick Family. There are some pictures below to inspire you. Once you've made your family, I would like you to use them to retell the story of Stick Man. I wonder if you could make your own Family Tree? Perhaps you could make your very own Stick Man adventure - you could even record it and upload it on Tapestry!


Tapestry Challenge


This week, lots of you have shared lovely videos with me - they have really made me smile and I loved receiving them thank you so much! I've enjoyed them so much, that I thought it would be wonderful if you could share a short video message on Tapestry for one of your school friends. Simply record your short video and let me know who it is for and I will make sure I share it with your friend.