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Friday Challenge


This weeks Friday Challenge is all about you!


  1. Find at least 5 creative ways of writing your name (this could be playdough, water and a paintbrush/stick, with your finger in flour/salt/sand, using stickers, paint, in mud... the possibilities are endless!)
  2. Create a scrapbook a little bit like Ning's book of things and people that are important to you (you could stick in photos, draw pictures, paint) 
  3. Perform your favourite song or nursery rhyme for someone (they could even video it and share it on Tapestry)
  4. How old are you? Find 5 different ways of representing your age (if you are 3 you might find 3 stones, 3 pennies, 2 pencils, 3 dinosaurs/unicorns/cars, 3 books)
  5. Find your favourite book and share it with someone in a special place


Remember to share your learning on Tapestry!