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Friday 12th June 2020

Hello Year Four, I hope you are all ok. Your learning challenges for today are below. Please use the class email address ( if you have any questions about your learning or if you want to share anything you have learned at home. Keep shining!



Please look at the picture below, then choose some of the activities to do in your exercise book from school. You could share your learning with your teachers by asking a parent to help you send a picture of your learning to your class email address.

Story starter!

This place had once been filled with noise, thousands upon thousands of excited fans cheering as they applauded ‘the beautiful game’ being played in front of them.

Now, all that remained were memories. Would this place ever be restored to its former glory?


Sentence challenge!

Can you make a list of adjectives to describe the stadium as it looks today?

Can you make a list of adjectives to describe what it used to look like?

Can you write a short paragraph to describe the stadium as it used to look, and another to describe how it looks now?


Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The stadium was horrible. The seats were horrible. The pitch was horrible. The grass had all gone. Nobody went there anymore.


Question time!

What is this place?

How has it changed over the years?

What used to happen here?

What happens here now?

Why has it changed so much?

Will it ever be the same again?

Have you ever been to a stadium?

What did you see happening there?

Why are stadiums like this built?


Perfect picture!

Can you design the perfect stadium? It could be to watch any sport of your choice, or another type of performance entirely.



Have a look at . First watch today's video, pausing it to try out ideas, then have a go yourself.

Parents can sign up for information about maths at home here... .



Curriculum - PE


Joe Wicks will be sharing an online workout each day at 9am. Why not have a go with your family each day. Exercise is great for your physical AND mental health, especially if you're staying at home.


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