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Today's learning is from BBC Bitesize. All the information, videos and activities can be found at



Today's focus is a reading lesson where using the book The Night Box you will learn how to explain what words mean and to write a diary entry.


Start by reading through the story and watching the video.


Activity 1: Extract 1

Darkness tumbles into the air. It dances and whirls around the room. It goes under the bed, under the chair - everywhere!

'Hello, Night!' laughs Max.

Night is mischievous! It chases blue, white, pink and green away.

Max presses his ear to the darkness. Night turns tiny sounds up LOUD.

Just a plink! That’s all. Just a drip, not a waterfall!

Just a tap on the windowpane. Just a little branch as gentle as rain, nothing more.

Just the tinkle of a bell then a prrrrr- not a lion! It’s a kitten!

Max holds on tight as darkness swirls and spills like ink into the world. Night is huge. It can hold a house. And a pond, and a forest.

A mountain, and a whale, even an ocean too!

Night soars, streams, stretches up to the sky like a kite and suddenly a thousand stars sparkle and fizz, shine and spin. This way, they say to a swan. Where is she going? She beats her strong white wings and honks one word - home.



  1. Read or watch the first extract again. What do we find out about Night and darkness?

  2. Decide on the three most important jobs that Night does.

  3. Write out the three most important jobs. Call your list 'Top three jobs that Night does'.


Activity 2: Extract 2

Night is gentle. It floats down to the ground like a feather. It covers a fawn, asleep with her mother. Night is brave. Leave them in peace, Night warns.

Night shakes itself into the trees. Come badger! Come mole! Come owl! Come fox! Let’s play!

And out of the shadows they snout and snuffle, leap and swoop.

Night gives a moon to a pond. And a mole to a goose! Now a rose has a fox. And a kitten? She has the milk!

Everything has something in the dark. The branch has an owl, and the wall has a tree, and Max has a bear and a soft, warm bed.

Night is kind. Night stays in Max’s room, silent and strong all night long, to hold in its arms a bear and a boy.

But Night gets sleepy too. Goodnight me, it sighs to itself. My job is done. It is time to return.

And when Night falls asleep…

Max opens the box and WHOOSH! Night slips inside as Day sweeps out.

Day breathes into the leaves, quiet flies out of the trees, yellow rises from the rooftops. And a new song begins.


Read or watch the first and second extracts again.

The writer makes Night and Day sound like real people - this is called personification. That is why the writer gives Night and Day a capital letter to start their names.

Can you find five examples of how the writer makes Night or Day seem like a person?


Activity 3

  1. Read or watch both extracts again. In activity 2, you found examples of how Night seems to be a person.

  2. Imagine that Night writes a diary entry before he or she goes to sleep.

What would Night write about? You can use the extracts to help you or you could use your imagination.

  1. Write your diary entry. Try and write five sentences.



Today's focus is learning to describe position and directions. Help find some football equipment, before taking on the role of players and managers to practise following and giving instructions.


Start by reading through the information on the BBC Bitesize website and watch the video.


Activity 1

Take the fun interactive quiz to test yourself on identifying the position of different football related objects on a grid.

Try it again at the end of today’s lesson to see if your understanding has improved.


Activity 2

We have two levels of activity sheet for you to try - start with the easier one before trying the slightly harder one.

At each level you will need to locate pieces of football kit using your understanding of the key words for describing position and direction.


Activity 3

Have a go at these two progressive activities, where you will need to provide the directions to move footballers around the pitch.

Activity 4

Football Treasure Hunt is a fun activity that will get you on your feet to demonstrate your understanding of how to give and follow directions.

Why not also get other members of your household involved?

Wider curriculum (Art)

Today's focus you will get inspiration for making your very own sculpture. Watch the videos to get ideas for your sculpture and then make your own.


Start by watching the video about artist Emma Majury.



In this activity from Tate make your very own sculpture out of soap.

You will need:

  • Some cheap bars of white soap
  • A pencil
  • Scrapers and peelers – use teaspoons, potato peelers, scissors, a paperclip and similar objects