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Using the book Ella Bella Ballerina and A Midsummer Night’s Dream you will learn how to find information in a text and write creatively. Start by reading through the 'Learn' section and watch the short videos.


Activity 1

Extract 1

Ella Bella opened the lid of the musical box. As the fairy tune played, she began to dance.

'Psst!' someone called.

Ella Bella saw an elf smiling at her.

'May I borrow those flowers in your hair? I have searched the world all over for them.'

'My name is Puck,' said the elf. 'Oberon, King of Fairyland, needs those flowers to win back the heart of Titania, his fairy queen. It seems she no longer loves him... instead she spends all her days playing with fairies and elves.'

'What will the flowers do?' asked Ella Bella. 'They are magic flowers, and they will help 
with some midsummer mischief!' said Puck. 'Now, take my hand, fairy child! Oberon awaits!'

Ella Bella realised that they were flying high above the forest. It was a warm summer night and the sky shimmered with stars. The moon covered the trees in a silvery light, as the fairies flitted around like fireflies and moths.

Ella Bella and Puck landed beside a great oak tree where Oberon, King of Fairyland, was waiting.



  1. Read or watch Extract 1 again. Many things happen in this extract.

  2. Go back to the text and use your skimming and scanning skills to number these events 1-5 in the order that they happened.

The first one has been done for you.

Event Order
Ella Bella and Puck flew to Fairyland.  
Puck explained that King Oberon needed the flowers.  
Ella Bella began to dance. 1
Puck explained that the flowers would help with midsummer mischief.  
Puck asked Ella Bella for the flowers from her hair.  


Activity 2

Extract 2

'I found the magic flowers,' said Puck.

'Well done,' said Oberon. 'They are called Love in Idleness. I will use them to cast a midsummer spell on Queen Titania.'

'How will the spell work?' asked Ella Bella, with a curtsey.

'Titania will fall in love with the first creature she sees,' laughed Oberon. 'I hope it will be a very silly kind of beast! Perhaps then she will remember that I am her true love.'

'Come on,' said Puck. 'Let’s find someone really funny for the fairy queen to fall in love with!'

They giggled and tiptoed off between the trees.

In a clearing, some friends were practising a play.

A man called Bottom was reading the script, but he kept getting the words wrong.
'Oh dear,' he said. 'I must practise more, or I shall make a fool of myself!'

'Let’s play a trick on Bottom' said Puck. 'He reminds me of a silly donkey!'

Puck sprinkled some magic on Bottom, and he began to change...

He grew longs ears and a furry snout!


Read or watch Extract 2 again and answer the following questions.

You will need to use the exact wording from the text to answer these questions because they all start with ‘According to the text.’

You could start your answer with ‘It says in the text…’

  1. According to the text, how do you know King Oberon is happy with Puck?

  2. According to the text, what is the name of the flower that Puck gives to King Oberon?

  3. According to the text, how do we know that Ella Bella shows respect and good manners when she meets King Oberon?

  4. According to the text, what does King Oberon want to happen to Titania?

  5. According to the text, what happens to Bottom?


Activity 3

Imagine that you had three chances to use magic.

Think about how you would use your three chances and write a short summary.

You could use the word ‘because’ to explain your choices.

Think about the following to help you with your choices:

  • Would you do something for yourself, your family or friends?

  • Would you do something for your school or community?

  • Would you do something for your country?

  • Would you do something for the whole world?



Friday is challenge day on Bitesize Daily!

Challenge 1


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Wider curriculum (Languages)

Today's focus is learning the basics of talking about food and drink in French.  Start by reading through the 'Learn' section and watch the short video.


Activity 1

Print off the food cards from the worksheet provided by Twinkl.

Take a moment to try to learn and memorise the different words.

When you are ready, cut out the cards, shuffle them and try to match them back up correctly.

Activity 2

Using the same cards, place them face down.

The aim is to turn the cards over and find the matching foods.

When you turn over a card, say the food out loud to practice pronunciation.