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This morning Chester Zoo will be doing a virtual tour of their zoo. What a great chance to see lots of different animals from the comfort of your own home! I think I may even join in for part of it myself smiley If you do join in and watch, let me know what your favourite animals were.

Friday 27th March



Today's task is to practice one of year 2's spelling rules. Practise writing some of the words in your book focussing on your handwriting. This week's spellings are the sound /u/ spelt with 'o'. Once your practised writing them, choose 5 of the words and put them each into a sentence. If it is possible, send me a photo of your work, I'd love to see how carefully you can practise your handwriting!


  • other
  • mother
  • brother
  • nothing
  • Monday
  • money
  • cover
  • honey
  • discover
  • wonder


Make sure your letters are all the same size, tall letters touch the top line and descender letters go underneath the line.




Today's task in to practise the key arithmetic skills we have worked so hard to learn in year 2.

Answer these questions and prove your answers by showing your working out in your workbooks. 


True or false?

38 + 23 = 60

45 – 14 = 31

5 x 11 = 45

30 ÷ 5 = 6

¼ of 20 = 10


I have attached examples of the different methods we use for calculations in case you need a reminder!


Wider curriculum (Geography)

As part of our topic learning about Kenya we have found out lots of different interesting facts about their way of life and compared them with our lives in England. One of the last few areas of Kenyan life we are yet to learn about is the different food they eat.

Using the internet, research different food that they commonly eat in Kenya. Compare it with food that you usually eat. What is similar and what is different?