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Landmark of the Week Spring 2

Landmark of the week Spring 2 Week 6. This week we are still looking at places of worship in the UK and this one is quite famous with a strange nickname......Isla once again recognised Paddy's Wigwam which is the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool.

Landmark of the Week Spring 2 Week 5. This week we're going a little further from home and travelling south to a very famous place of worship...... Joseph immediately recognised St Paul's Cathedral in London.

Landmark of the Week Spring 2 Week 4. This is an iconic church that's not too far away in a city that has a ferry....... Isla once again got this one, it's Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.

I have decided to look at British places of worship over the next few weeks so see if you can recognise this building. It is a Manchester icon and you might have seen it if you've ever been to Manchester...... Isla once again got this landmark as she correctly identified Manchester Cathedral.