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Monday 13th July 2020

Good morning Year Six. Below you will find your learning challenges for today. Please remember to use our class email address if you have any questions about your learning. I would also really like to see any home learning you complete at home so if your adult allows you to, take a picture of your learning and send it to me on our email address. :)




Analysing a text is an important skill to learn in preparation for secondary school English.


Follow the link below to complete the learning and tasks:





Today in Maths, you will be learning about nets of 3D shapes.


Follow the link below to complete the learning and tasks:




This week marks your last week at St. Martin’s. Although it hasn’t been the year any of us expected, you should be really proud of everything you have achieved during your time at primary school.


I am sure you have lots of lovely memories to look back on – I know the teachers here certainly do.


In September, you will start a new chapter in your education – one I hope you are very excited about. To help you with your transition, I am going to set transition activities this week for you to complete. Hopefully, they will help make your transition a little easier.


Activity 1: Change Tunnel


For this activity I would you like you to write two lists – one list of all the things you are excited about and one list of all the things you are worried about.



Once you have completed your lists, sit with an adult and discuss them. Remember, your adults at home, and older siblings, cousins and friends will have had the same worries as you when they started secondary school. Perhaps they can offer you some advice.