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Monday 30th March

I hope you all had a brilliant week, here are Monday's learning tasks for you.



Complete pages 1-2 of your Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar CGP workbook focussing on nouns and noun phrases.

Complete page 1 of your Reading CGP workbook, How to grow a seed. Make sure you prove your answer by underlining them in the text.



In maths we follow the White Rose scheme of learning, and each day they are uploading learning tasks and brilliant videos to accompany each step of learning.


The task I would like you to complete is Week 2 Monday - Recognise a third. If you would like to recap work we did in class of finding a half and a quarter feel free to work through some of the tasks from the previous week (week 1) on the link above.


Don't forget to record your learning in your workbook, and please send me photos of any work that you are particularly proud of!


Wider curriculum (geography)

Where would you prefer to live: England or Kenya?


Over this half term we have learnt a lot about life in Kenya and compared it in many ways to our life in England. Using all this learning, can you answer the question about where you would prefer to live? Give reasons why you would prefer to live there. Think about:

  • the weather and climate
  • daily life and jobs
  • food 
  • the geography of each country, including cities/ towns and the countryside
  • native animals you would come across.


You can record this in your workbooks in which ever way you would like. For example, you could draw a mind map writing down different reasons and draw pictures to illustrate each reason, or you could draw a table with reasons for and against each country and why you would/ would not like to live there.


I would love to see which country you choose and your reasons why, so if possible send me an email telling me which country you would prefer to live in smiley