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Good morning everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend and managed to enjoy the lovely weather. We have another great week of learning for you this week so do your best and remember any questions you can email me directly and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


We are still looking at place value this week getting to grips with numbers to 1000! 


Today we will be using number lines to help us work out where numbers should be on the line and what lies before and after. You have some empty number lines in your practice book pages, a top tip would be to fill in all the numbers you can along the line before answering any questions - it just makes it a bit easier. Get an adult to help if you are struggling because the numbers are a bit big. Also make sure to look carefully at the start number and the end number to work out how much each 'jump' is worth as this also helps to make it easier.



 Look carefully at the pictures - I have uploaded a colour version below - and try to work out what you can see people doing. Are they:

  • Making a fire?
  • Cooking?
  • Making tools/weapons?
  • Making bread?

Then once you have decided what people are doing you could write a few sentences to describe what life could have been like for Stone Age people. You could include what you think it would be like, for  example:


I think it would be really hard because they have to make everything themselves as there were no shops to buy thing.



Some people were making their own tool which makes me think that they had to collect the materials to make these. It says in the text that they made tools from flint and wood so they would need to find these first.


Remember capital letters, full stops and neatest handwriting.



Today I'd like you to watch a short film which has information about the types of animals that Stone Age people might have seen and hunted. Once you have watched the film I'd like you to choose 3 of the animals to write about giving a few facts in sentences about each one. Please look at the plan for the animals in the film. I've added a link below to help. Remember your writing needs to be in full sentences not just a list.