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 Good morning Year 3 I hope you are all feeling good and ready to learn. I have also included a timetable for the subjects we will be teaching in school and when they are.


Today we are thinking about how we persevere when faced with challenges which is particularly relevant at the moment.


This week is all about multiplication and grouping objects into equal lots. This lesson covers the pages 103 - 105 in your maths books. I have added explanations and clues for each step of the lesson which I hope will help. Any questions please email me.



Today we will be looking at a traditional story familiar to many of you; Little Red Riding Hood. I would like to start by asking you to listen carefully to me reading the story and then write it into your pink book in your own words as neatly as you can remembering capital letters, full stops and commas for lists of things.


The expectation is that you try to complete all tasks  and email a photograph of your work so we can share it in class. If you have any questions remember you can email me and I will either call or email to try to help.


Please learn the first 3 spellings so you can easily write them without any help.

Practical Maths

Find as many 3D shapes as you can from around your house. These can be cylinders (like tins or loo roll insides), cubes ( like stock cubes), cuboids ( like boxes of tea bags), spheres ( a football) and so on. Once you have done this draw and label them in your book then email me a photograph of your work.

Landmark of the Week Spring 1 week 2 . This is an extinct volcano quite close in Wales......