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Good morning Year 2! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Here are your learning activities for today. A copy of any printed resources you will need are in your home learning pack that you picked up from school. I will also upload them each day on these learning pages.


Don't forget we have our live group lessons for English and Maths this morning that your parents will have received a Parentmail about. Check what time your group is at, I can't wait to see you!



This week we will be looking at the story Dougal's Deep Sea Diary by Simon Bartram. This story is about a man who likes to go diving in the sea and he finds lots of interesting things along the way. Before we read the story we are going to ask some questions about Dougal and his diving adventure.

With your adult have a think about these questions:

  • What do you think a diver does?
  • What do you think Dougal might see on his diving adventure?


Activity 1

In your literacy book, write down 10 things that you think Dougal might see when he is diving. Can you use an adjective (describing word) to describe each of the things he might see?


Activity 2

We are going to practice asking questions. Questions can start with different questions words.



A question always start with a capital letter and ends with a question mark ?.

What questions would you like to ask to find out more information about Dougal? What would you like to find out about the book?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

How old is Dougal?

Where does Dougal live?

Where does he go diving?

What equipment does he need to go diving?

What is the most interesting thing he has seen while he has been diving?


Your task is write down 10 different questions that you would like to find out more information about Dougal. Try to use a range of question words rather than starting with the same word each time. Remember to use a capital letter and question mark.


Before tomorrow's lesson watch this video of the story and see what Dougal gets up to in his adventure! 



Over the next 2 weeks we are going to be looking at money and practicing lots of different skills. If you have some coins at home, perhaps in a piggy bank, they will be really useful to help you with your work, particularly if you get a bit stuck. If you don't have any coins, there are some paper coins that you can use in your home learning pack. You will need to cut them out first though!


In today's lesson we are going to recap recognising different coins and notes.


Start by watching the teaching video on This will take you through and explain the learning and the learning activities. I have also included a copy of the slides used in the video.

Task 1

Work through these sheets, showing your understanding of recognising different coins and notes. There are 2 sheets to look at, one for recognising coins and one for recognising notes.

Reading and Phonics


Each day I would like you to log into Bug Club and read a book from your library. It is really important that you keep up your brilliant reading skills while you are at home.


It is also really important for you to keep practicing your phonic skills that we have worked really hard on last term. 

This week here are some phonic websites for you to use:


        Phonics play are once again offering a free log in for children and families to use at home.

     You may log in with the following details:

     username: jan21

     password: home



For our science lesson this week we will be using Oak Academy to help us learn all about our science topic of habitats

Watch the video in the link below which will take you through the learning and activities you will be doing in this lesson.


Follow this link to start your lesson


You will need a piece of paper (or your pink curriculum book from your pack), a pencil and coloured pencil if you have one.

A copy of the worksheet you will need is in your home learning pack, or I have uploaded it below.