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Fine Motor

You will need:

Take and the beads off and thread them back on. How quickly can you thread them?


You will need:

Have a go at writing your name. Think carefully about how you form each letter and don't forget to start with a capital.


Challenge: Can you write your full name?



Today we are learning/reviewing another sound - i

You will need:


Today we are comparing mass. We will be using the language of heavier and lighter.

Watch the video below and have a go at the challenge.



Personal, Social, Emotional Development


Today we are going to be celebrating our similarities and differences.

Virtual Snack Time

Grab a healthy snack and join us for Virtual Snack Time. Today, I would love for you to share your favourite book and tell us why you like it.


Virtual Snack is at 2.10pm and the link has been sent via ParentMail.

Story Time

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Don't forget to practice reading ever day. You can access lots of books on Bug Club: