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Good morning everyone, I hope you and your family are all keeping well and have a good weekend.  Welcome back to the Year 1 Home Learning page.  I will be adding some new learning resources each day for you to compete.

Story Time

Our virtual story time is at 12:30. Please joins us and listen to the today’s story and see your friends.  The Story Time link has been sent you via Parentmail and can be used for Monday to Friday this week.


Morning Warm Up


To get you ready for your learning you can do a morning warm up. Follow the link for a new  Cosmic Yoga Lesson.

Winter Wonderland (Super Yoga) | Cosmic Kids - YouTube



Monday 18th January


In our English lessons this week we are going to be looking at another story about an animal that lives at the North Pole. This story is called; The Little Polar Bear by Hans de Beer.  The story is about a polar bear called Lars. He ends taking a long journey to a hot country.  Watch and listen to the story on the link below.


Little Polar Bear picturebook readaloud! Well crafted children's book - YouTube


Talk to the adult that is working with you and discuss what has happen to Lars in the story. Write a list of the animals that Lars sees on his journey and then draw a picture.


Remember when writing a list the words are underneath each other.




Things you need:

objects - counters, 



whiteboard and pen


This week we are going to be following the Oak Academy interactive lessons for our learning.  The first lesson learning objective is counting within 10. (This could be expanded to 20 if your child is secure counting within 10.) The following link will allow you to access the video and learning activities.

Counting sets within 10 (





Things you will need:


Paper or exercise book


Lesson 2

In our science lessons we are going to continue to look at Seasonal Changes. Remember you will need a piece of paper and a pencil for this lesson.  To help with our Science topic Seasonal Changes we will be using Oak Academy lessons. You will need to click on the link below.

How does the weather change across the seasons? (

In this lesson, we are going to be looking again at what scientists are and what they do.  This will help us begin our next lesson, we will then look at understanding how the weather changes across the seasons.  We will be reminding ourselves of the different types of weather and comparing this to the seasons.  Today we will look at our first scientific experiment.  Make sure you have a copy of your weather drawing from last week's lesson.


Please email me your work on the Year 1 email address.



Each day I would like you to practise your phonics.  In school we use the Letters and Sounds scheme to help us learn our phonics.  To recap and improve on your learning follow the link below and watch and listen to Clare's video. 

Monday 18th January Lesson 6 - Year 1 - YouTube

Tuesday 19th January Lesson 7 - Year 1 - YouTube

Wednesday 20th January Lesson 8 - Year 1 - YouTube

Thurdsay 21st January Lesson 9 - Year 1 - YouTube

Friday 22nd January Lesson 10 - Year 1 - YouTube

You will be able to use your whiteboard and pen from your home learning pack to help you.

You can also use the use the websites below to help learn your phonics sounds.

You can log in with the following details:

username: jan21

password: home



It is important that you carry on practising your reading skills whilst you are at home. 

You all have books in your Bug Club library on the Active Learn website.

ActiveLearn: Login (

All books have questions for you to answer once you have read a book.  If you cannot remember your Username or Password please email me on the class email address.