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Dreams and Goals: today we are looking at situations across the world and thinking what your dream for the world might be.






You began multiplying fractions last week and this will be a useful session on multiplying fractions for finding out about Oak Academy and how it works.


You will need your pink exercise book and a pencil.


Pause the video and try and  complete the activities.  You don't have to rush through and you can go back to anything you're not sure about. Please get in touch if you're not sure about anything.


We haven't started our learning on decimals yet so don't worry about that.


Hope you enjoy it!


WALT represent multiplication with proper fractions


  • x is repeated addition
  • use number lines to represent fraction x fraction
  • x is the same as of    1   x   1  =    1   of   1

                                         2        4       2         4



WALT:To build knowledge of the historical context of the play 'Macbeth'


  • when Macbeth was written
  • the theme of the play
  • completing a mind map showing facts about Macbeth
  • why the witches are important






Your spellings this week are the "oh" sound using either oh or ow  spellings.


Practise writing them by covering them up and trying to remember the spelling rather than copying them.



Google Meet Questions and Answers 1:30pm

Guided Reading


You are starting a new Guided Reading unit called The Giant's Necklace by Michael Morpurgo.


WALT  engage with the text


  • make inferences
  • explore key vocabulary
  • collect ideas on a mind map
  • make predictions



The protagonist is the main character in the story.


WALT understand how  Darwin developed his theory of evolution


  • Darwin's observations
  • key vocabulary
  • Darwin's theory