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Good morning everyone, I hope you had a good restful weekend and are ready to begin another week of home learning. You'll see there is another landmark of the week at the bottom of this page so good luck with finding this one out.



This week we are working on  how to keep our world beautiful by working together. You are going to learn all about how we use water, the water cycle and how we can stop wasting water. You'll then be creating your own poster to help others to save water.



Today we are looking at using different strategies to divide using what we have learned so far. Remember, you need to move the digits to the left to multiply and right to divide.


Today you are going to begin writing the opening of a narrative, or story, for your own version of the Man on the Moon.

Practical Maths


Today you will be solving a problem involving frogs but don't worry you don't need actual frogs, just the game board and some counters or coins.

Landmark of the Week Spring 1 Week 4. This is another extinct volcano that looks a bit different and it's over the sea......