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Fine Motor

You will need: 

Can you take the beads off and thread them carefully back on?


Name writing

You will need: 

Choose a letter from your name that you find hardest to write. Use the formation sheet to help you form the letter correctly - can you practice it 10 times?


Group 1


Group 2



Today, we will be comparing height.


For this challenge you can use any types of blocks you have - wooden, lego, duplo etc.

Virtual Phonics Virtual Phonics is at 1pm and  a link has been sent via ParentMail. You will need a whiteboard, pen and sound mat. See you there!



Languages of the world

In today’s lesson we learn about different spoken languages from around the world. By the end of this lesson, you will be able to say and remember some phrases from a different language.

Virtual Snack Time

Grab a healthy snack and join your class for Virtual Snack Time. Can you share a word or phrase in another language?


Virtual snack in at 2.10pm and a link has been sent via ParentMail.



The children in school have been researching where our fruit is grown. Can you use the internet to research where your fruit is grown? Can you find the country on a map?

Story Time

Owl Babies