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Good morning everyone, I hope you had a good half term and are rested and ready to learn!

Today you will be learning all about time and how we use the scale on the clock to help us know the hour and minutes. In English you'll be finding the features of a report all about polar bears. For your Jigsaw lesson we will be continuing finding out how to help our planet by doing small things ourselves. 



This lesson is all about the plants and animals that live on Earth and how all the different types of systems all link together to create our wonderful world.



Today you'll be looking at different clocks around your home and comparing them to a variety of scales. You'll then have a look at how the 2 different hands work and why we definitely need 2 of them! If you have a clock with hands it will help if you're not sure.



Today you will be looking at a non-chronological report about polar bears. If you remember from other lessons, non means not and chronos is Greek for time, so it's a report that isn't written in time order. You'll be finding the features that are explained in the video.



Please sign onto Bug Club and have a go at reading and games.

Practical Maths


If you have a timer app on your phone - or an adult's phone - I'd like you to time yourself doing different things to see how long it takes. You could, for example;

  • boil a kettle
  • jump 20 times
  • write a sentence
  • read a sentence
  • draw a picture
  • have a shower
  • wash your hands
  • Google meet

To make it a bit more fun you could guess how long first, write it down and then check it against the actual time.

Landmark of the Week Spring 2 Week 1. This is an Ancient Greek monument that should be an easy one to start you off....... Isla recognised the Parthenon in Athens this week which is an ancient temple built around 2500 years ago.