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PSHE - Jigsaw


Discussion - What is friendship? 


Can you create a poster to show what friendship means to you? 



WALT: round decimals


Please watch Week 2 - lesson 1 before completing the questions



Any questions you are struggling to complete (due to not having a printer) - please don't worry, just do those you can. If you need to draw a 100 square - 10 by 10 squares in your Numeracy book is perfect (don't forget to use a ruler). 



WALT: use a range of fronted adverbials



  • A , and . 
  • comma after fronted adverbial
  • a variety (ISPACE)


Thinking about the work you did last week in preparation for your own story titled 'The Secret Garden', today, I would like you to create some ISPACE sentences (add your expanded noun phrases from last week where possible).


Fronted adverbials are adverbials used at the beginning of a sentence (interesting openers). 

We use ISPACE to help us vary the openings of our sentences. 


Here are some examples of openers you could use: 


I - ing word

Creeping vigilantly,

Stumbling through the thorns, 

Looking up, 


S - simile

Like a bullet, 

Like stars in the night, 


P - preposition

Behind the tall, wooden door, 

In the dark, eerie sky, 

In the clear, blue sky, 

In a hidden corner,


A - adverb





C - conjunction 

Before the sun sets, 

When I reached the door, 

As I opened the door, 


E - -ed word





Using my examples or openers of your own create 5 + sentences for your story.