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Monday 1st March


The first of March is traditionally celebrated as Saint David's day by the people of Wales. Saint David is the Welsh patron saint. On this day, people often wear daffodils as a symbol that commemorates his life.

We hope you enjoyed some time in the sunshine this weekend. Spring is just around the corner : ) This is will be your last week of Home Learning and we are so looking forward to seeing you back at school on March the 8th.

In today's assembly we will continue learning about the Christian time of Lent and what this special time of reflection means for us. Our new Maths topic is Perimeter and Area- learning how to find these measurements and how they are different from each other. In English we continue with our character description unit. I hope you learn some WOW words to use in your writing. The Reading focus for the week is another animal theme-  all about chimpanzees. Finally, in Science we will be concluding the unit on electricity which I know you have enjoyed. Have a great day!












CLICK HERE to watch our next assembly video for Lent. We continue to think about what it means to be a pilgrim on the journey of life. What happens when life's journey becomes difficult? What will we need to help us continue on our way? Who can we turn to for support because they offer a listening ear? Who could you recommend to a friend who might be struggling?


Measure and calculate the perimeter of rectangles in centimetres and millimetres

In this lesson, we will learn what perimeter is and how to calculate it.

CLICK HERE to begin the lesson

ENGLISH - Borrowers Lesson 6

To analyse and interpret a setting description from an extract

Today we'll look at an extract from the book and listening to a setting description. We will then discuss key vocabulary related to the setting and how we can apply this to our writing. For this lesson, you will need an exercise book or some paper and a pencil.

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Read the text about Chimpanzees. Underline any unfamiliar vocabulary. Can you discover what the new words mean by reading the sentences around them? Or, can you use a search engine to find a definition. Remember, words can have more than one definition. Which one sounds correct for your word?

Don't forget to keep up with your regular, independent reading by logging onto Bug Club. Aim to read for at least 15 minutes per day. 

Science - Electricity

How much do we rely on electricity?

In this lesson, we will learn about mains and battery electricity. We will explore the idea of a world without electricity.

CLICK HERE to begin the lesson


CLICK HERE to hear Cressida Cowell read chapter 15 of How to Train Your Dragon

CLICK HERE to watch a video about why electricity is so important for us.

CLICK HERE It is hard to imagine how people in modern times can live without electricity. However, a great many 

                     people around the world still wait to have access to it. This video will tell you more.



Friday's picture was close-up of the bagel basket.

What's this picture taken in the Year 4 Classroom?