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Hello everyone, here are some activities that you can do each day to help with your learning.


Physical Education

Join Joe Wicks - The Body Coach every morning at 9:00 am on 


Monday 20th  April 2020


BBC Bitesize have daily lessons at 

All these lessons are suitable for year 1.



Remember the story from last week about Katie Morag delivering the mail.  Can you name different types of mail that you get post to your house?  Mail is a way of keeping in touch with other people.  A postcard is a way of keeping in touch when you go on holiday.  Write a postcard to one of your friends.  A postcard has a picture on the front and writing on the back with the persons address.  Use an A4 piece of paper and use that for your postcard.

There is a template on this website




Number Fact Race

Give your child a number fact (e.g. 5+3=8). Ask them what else they can find out from this fact (e.g. 3+5=8, 8-5=3, 8-3=5). It is important that children understand subtraction can ‘undo’ an addition and therefore it is the inverse.

They may also be able to find other related facts e.g. 50+30=80, 30+50=80 80-30=50 80-50=30) How quickly can they find all associated facts?

Extend activity by using different numbers.




What do you think of when you hear the word island?  Katie Morag the girl in the story we looked at last week lived on an island and although her island is a made up island in a story there are lots of islands in the world. (Katie Morag Delivers the Mail by Mairi Hedderwick.  You can listen to this story on You Tube.)  Watch the Power Point  about islands on this website

Can you find the answers to these questions?

  1. What do island have around them?
  2. What type of weather would you find on an island?
  3. Can you name some other islands?
  4. What might you find on an island?