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Monday 22nd Feb

Hello to you all again ! We hope you have had a good break and some time to relax. It's great to have you back :  )

Our timetable for the next few weeks will remain the same as before the holiday. Today, in Maths, we are going to learn how to do short division using re-grouping. This half term you will begin to know which calculation strategies you prefer and how they help you find answers efficiently. In English we have a new learning focus but it's based on  a book that we know: The Borrowers. Test your scientific knowledge this afternoon by working out what happens in electrical circuits when the components are changed. As always on a Monday, we begin with an assembly. We continue to focus on Lent and think about how we can use this time to better ourselves so that we can help other people more.

Don't forget to join us for Google Meet at 12:00 p.m. We'd love to see you there.













When we set out on a journey, we make a plan. We might look at a map or set up the Satnav. We might look at the weather forecast and pack wellies or a sun hat. What we can find out beforehand is important, or we could find ourselves not ready for a situation. The key item on our pilgrimage today is a map.

CLICK HERE to see why a map is an important tool for our journey.

Reflect on: Who or what gives you direction in your life? Using your answers, make a map or timeline of your life's journey and include where you would like it to go in the future.

MATHS Short division (Part 2)

In today's lesson, we will be using short division with multiple regroups.

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ENGLISH - Borrowers Lesson 1

To develop an understanding of key characters from 'The Borrowers'

This lesson will focus on the key characters from the book 'The Borrowers'. We will be introduced to each of the key characters and we will gain an insight into their personalities.

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As it is the first week back after the holiday, we will not have a new spelling pattern to practise until this Friday (26/02/21). Then you'll be give the spellings for the following week. 

This week you can test yourself on your knowledge of common exception words (key vocabulary that is used frequently)  for Years 3 and 4. How many words from the list can you already read and write correctly?


Our text this week is a non-fiction one in which you'll learn all about Guide Dogs and the amazing job that they do. Today's task is to read through the information completely. Then, go back through it and underline any words you are unfamiliar with. Can you use the surrounding text to help you figure out what the words mean? Or, do you need to Google the words to find their definitions?


Don't forget to log into Bug Club to keep up with regular independent reading each day. Great to see some of you really using this resources. Keep up the good work!

Science - electricity: changing components

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CLICK HERE to hear Cressida Cowell read Chapter eleven ( part one) of How to Train Your Dragon

CLICK HERE to learn about the importance of rivers for people




Another fiendishly tricky one this morning. What is today's mystery photo taken at St Martin's?